Tuesday, 4 March 2008

A week has passed in the blink of an eye!

After my posts the other week I had hoped it would all settle down at home, how wrong I was. Both of my eldest DD started physically fighting like animals. They were shouting , screaming and really hurting each other. At nearly 16 and 14 they are not so easy to get in between anymore as I often get hurt in the process. By the time I had DD#3 shut in her room crying her eyes out, I was able to get then to stop (this was after dragging each other by the hair along my upper landing while kicking and punching each other). The police have to be called in these situations as our family workers will not intervene when there is violence. By the time it calmed down enough to asses the damage, I was able to see that I had a broken bathroom door, hanging on 1 hinge, no handle on DD#3 door, and the bedroom door on the other room had a bent hinge and would not shut properly.....aagggggghhhhh. We had only fitted new doors in October !
The police came and spoke to the girls, eldest had to go and stay at a friends for the night and middle one kept up the cheek and destruction for the next day or so. I tried to get hold of my social worker as all this happened before 5pm, but she was not available and the duty worker said there was not anything she could do till the next day.
By this time my OH had arranged to go to his mothers and take our daughter with him. He said if he can't take it anymore he will take our daughter and move out completely- just what you need when you are down of course. I was distraught. His Mum is going to keep checking on DD#3 and has told her to phone anytime she feel scared and she will take her, I just felt like the big bad Mum, but I had done nothing wrong.
Thankfully over the next few days things calmed down and social work are trying to get me respite occasionally as I have no-one to watch the children other than my elderly parents.
DD#2 really wants to be put into care, but as a caring Mum I know that this will not be the best place for her.
On the educational side, we went for a visit to a level3 behaviour support centre yesterday. She was going to level 2 everyday for part of the school day as they struggle to cope with her at school, but started to refuse to go. The level 3 means that she will be there all day every school day with children just as, if not more volatile that her. I was worried that she would not be able to gain any qualifications there, but she would have the opportunity to get qualifications and even the chance to do 5/6 year work there before leaving in 4th year. Her own high school are as frustrated as me, and have said she is one of the brightest pupils in her year, nut is throwing it all away with her behaviour. Why do the young never realise that what they are doing impacts on the rest of their life?

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