Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Weighty matters

Just to change the subject I thought it would be good to chart my journey to loose weight, ah ha I hear you say, another women banging on about her weight. Yup, that's right, I have never been your average slim person, mind you when I was a teenager I was so self conscious and thought I was huge....but looking back I was not really big, I just matured at a young age and gained hips and a chest before my peers did. What a waste of my teenage years.
Like most women out there I have had issue with my size throughout my adult life. My weight really crept up when I met my OH 11 yrs ago. He was a take out junkie and as he worked long hours he would often have take out late at night, it was too easy to just have a bit and slowly I got bigger and bigger.
I am a bit of a loner, but when we moved house about 9 years ago I was blessed with good neighbours, once we had got to know each other we all decided to go along to a slimming club held in the village. This was my first experience at 30 of the dreaded diet! It was a slimming world class and after my initial fears of weigh in, I found it wasn't too bad. I went faithfully and lost 3 stones, but for some reason, which now escapes me, I had to stop going. Of course that meant I stopped sticking to the plan and the weight crept back on. I have stayed at the same size for years, but it has been a big size. Earlier this year I decided that enough was enough, I was not happy with myself if I was completely honest, and my health was suffering. A colleague had started to go back to slimming world with her sister and had told me, I could not afford the £5 fee each week and she kindly gave me her book to look at along with a recipe book. I just felt the time was right to do this again, my cooking skills had improved over the years and for some reason I just felt ready to do it. So far since the end of January I have lost 29lbs. I have a long way to go but I am setting myself mini targets, usually to change the stones number, then get to 1/2 a stone, then a full stone and back to changing the initial number again. It has worked for me so far and we still have occasional take out and treats, but I know that I can have them again when I want so I don't feel I am missing out.


Sylvie said...

Way to go, Angela! Give yourself a huge pat on the back.

Marie said...

I think you should be very proud of your weight loss Angela. I was always thin, my whole life, even after having five children. However, I quit smoking 19 years ago and also had my tubes tied at the same time. I began to put on weight shortly after that and in quick time as well. I am now twice the woman I was! It sorrows me, but every time I go on a diet and lose the weight I put it all back on and then some. Dieting has made me quite fat. I truly believe that. I wish I could take it off and I know that I could. It's the putting it back on that I cannot face . . .

Flanny said...


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