Sunday, 23 March 2008

Touched by Toy Story 2

On Saturday I was flicking through the channels on tv when I noticed Toy Story 2 was on. I just love Disney films and especially the Pixar animations.
We were due to pop out to the shop, but DD2 and me both sat down and started to watch one of our favourite films. I was chuckling at the humour and raving about the quality of the animation when she said " Mum, you are just a big kid" well I could not argue with her, there is something captivating about all these types of film that touches people of all ages for many reasons. It wasn't till we heard the cough on the stairs that I realised that OH was waiting for us to move to go to the shop. Mind you he was really getting into the film too.
It made me think of DD#3 when she was little, probably between 3-5 years old, she had a small woody soft toy who went everywhere with her. The boy next door who is a year older had all the toys from the movie and they played with them all day everyday. I remember laughing at him because he really thought he was Buzz Lightyear of star command! I also remember the tears if woody could not be found.
Now my OH's Grandad had died when my OH was only about 7, but he was a much loved man who is spoken of fondly within family circles, and his graveside is tended regularly by his family. DD#3 decided to write him a letter and draw a picture telling him how much she missed him. If I remember she was only about 5 at the time. She carefully drew a picture and wrote a letter of sorts which we carefully put in a plastic bag. She then decided she wanted to give her treasured Woody toy to him too.
Gran took her to the graveside and the letter was carefully put under the gravel, and Woody was placed at the base of the headstone. There Woody sat for almost 2 years, untouched till an Auntie thought he had been left by mistake and put him in the bin.
I often think of what a huge gesture from a small child that was.

I was busy making biscuits on Sunday morning as we were going to my parents for lunch. I then thought they would be lovely made with lemon curd, so I made that too!
Here is a picture, they were delicious.


Marie said...

Angela, I meant to tell you on Zaar how lovely your biscuits were. I think you did a wonderful job on them. If they taste half as good as they look they must be dangerous to have around! I loved this touching story of your little girl. It shows what a wonderful mother you must be to have brought up girls with such tender hearts. I loved this whole post. I shows me your heart and soul. You are a special lady and I am proud to call you friend.

Angela said...

Thanks for you lovely comment Marie, my blog is in its infancy and I know that by writing, and writing often it will blossom and grow. I hope one day to show the girls what I have written and maybe when they have matured they will see the real person that their Mum is.

Jules said...

Your biscuits are beautiful. I gave up biscuits for lent and keep on forgetting I can eat and bake them now!

Sylvie said...

Angela, love your story and definitely is a big gesture of a little girl. The biccies look great. I'm glad you found some use for the biscuit cutter. ;)

LowRob said...

Hi Angela
Just wanted to let you know that your biscuits look scrumptious!
Also your story (so far) has really touched me.
Lowri x