Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Beauty is only skin deep.

Beauty is such a personal thing, often we do not appreciate the beauty of things around us. I have been trying really hard to support my local farmers market and buy all my meat - angus, buffalo, pork and chicken, from the local producers. The quality is fantastic and not that much dearer than the tasteless things you can buy in the big supermarkets.
My favourite thing though is the smell of this stall. Ever since I was a child I loved the smell of burning wood and have even been known to light a match just to get a whiff of the sulphur. As you approach the market you get the pleasure of the smell to guide you right to his stall where he has many barrels on the go and racks of fish waiting to be turned into a golden treasure.

I admit an arbroath smokie may not be the most beautiful thing to look at, but when you open it up on a cold Scottish morning and the juices ooze all over your cold fingers, begging you to lick the warm smoky flavour before you flake off a succulent piece of flesh with a golden coppery hue at the edge, you understand that beauty really is only skin deep because what lies underneath is so much more wonderful.

I bought two this time and devoured one for my breakfast while it was still warm, but the other one was destined for a different fate.

No recipe here, but a cheats version of kedgeree, and I use kedgeree loosely!

I used a pack of golden savoury rice and when it was ready, flaked the fish into the rice and stirred through to warm it up and topped it off with 2 boiled eggs chopped up, a delicious Sunday morning feast