Saturday, 23 February 2008

Well I spoke too soon.

My peaceful weekend did not last long, only till 3pm actually. My DD returned with her youth worker and was quite loud and rude, and things went downhill from there. Just the usual shouting, insulting aggressive, destructive.....the kitchen suffered with that one and my poor wooden spoon, I just don't know what it did to upset her so much that it was snapped in two! As a parent you can feel quite isolated when you are going through tough times. I am a bit of a loner and consequently have no friends to call on and say "hey, let's go and do something " My support network is really just my parents who are in their 70's. They find it hard to understand why DD is like that, just as much as I do, but they came from a different time and blessed me with a stable home environment. Now don't get me wrong, my home life with my girls is stable, it is just that I picked the wrong husband to Father the eldest 2 when I was young and inexperienced. He has damaged the girls in ways he will never understand. Logistics mean that they only get to see him maybe 2 times a year, but I never realized that it would have the same effect on telephone calls! mmmmmm, maybe he just can't be bothered, mind you he has gone on to have 2 children with a partner who has left him and last year fathered another innocent child to a new younger Mum so my girls place on his priorities has gone further down the list. It is his loss, but a needless one for my Girls.
We have been allocated youth workers who work closely with us several times a week to try and ensure DD#2 can stay living at home. We are 1 step away from foster care, as a loving Mum this is very hard to get your head around, but it is like she is on self-destruct with home and school. I hope she can turn things around soon before too much more damage is done to our relationships and our home. It is a long lonely journey, but I know she will get through this one day.

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