Saturday, 23 February 2008

New Beginings

I have done it, it has taken me a long time, lots of thought and a few failed attempts, but here it is. What? My first entry on my own blog. I am not planning on writing loads or even every day, but I do hope that what I write will be interesting to at least one person out there in the big online community of cyberspace.
We have had a surprisingly quiet week in my household, I won't hold my breath as I still have to make it through the weekend which is unknown territory every time it comes around.(which is far too quickly if you ask me - no, Angela it is just you getting older!)
Life in my house has its ups and downs just like everyone else out there, only my DD#2 can make it harder than it needs to be, teenagers I know are notoriously difficult, but this battle has been going on for 8+years long before hormones took their strong hold on all the household.

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