Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Making Food Last and Lovely Bread

I wrote in my previous post about wasting food and decided that for the following week I was going to see how well I could do with minimal effort and planning.
I am finally feeling better after over 4 weeks of misery, all I have been left with is blocked sinuses which I can cope with. Thanks to everyone who commented. It was really appreciated.
Anyway we have a very limited budget for food in my house, as will many people out there so I searched out some meals I could make using things I had in the house. So far we have had meatballs stretched out to 2 meals with pasta and fresh bread, with enough left to top a pizza today. These fantastic chicken breasts did 2 meals for 2, as well as 2 wraps for lunch, not bad considering I only used 2 large fillets. The rice I cooked the other day made a quick fried rice dish for 2 last night. My DD#2 was impressed and interested in how you can make extra food into another meal.

I often find that it is too easy to go to the shops and buy out of habit rather than need. I am not at work today as there is industrial action within the union, so I am going to have a good look in my cupboard to see what else I have lurking in the back that needs to be used up. I know there are some green lentils hiding there so if anyone has a good recipe they can suggest, please let me know.

Here is the link to the bread I made at the weekend. We liked it so much I made it again with a different topping the next day. It was a lovely dough to work with and could have any topping you fancied on it. We had caramelised onion and parmesan, then roasted red pepper and mozarella. Will be a regular side to pasta now and the girls could make it too, it was that easy.


Manggy said...

Thanks heavens you're feeling better, finally. Sorry I have no idea what to do with lentils (they aren't used in this country). Maybe dhal? The bread looks awesome. It's great that now your girls can make it, maybe they can now take turns in managing the kitchen :)

Sylvie said...

Hi Angela, sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I'm glad to know you feel better now though. You're completely right about just nipping out to buy extra, it's usually just because I can't be bothered to make do with what I've already got in as well. The bread looks great, as to what to do with green lentils, why not try a vegetable and lentil stew, it's cheap and satisfying, or as suggested a nice dhal.

chris said...

HI there Angela, Im glads you are feeling better, sinus problems can make you feel very sick.

you are so right about wasting food, it drives me nuts to throw away good food. The pizza looks lovely in fact I think I will make a pizza for dinner tonight. Thanks for the idea.


Raquel said...

So glad you are Better! I did get your card, thanks so much, sorry that I forgot to mention it! That bread looks scrumptious! We use a lot of left-overs here, just the other day I made rice pudding out of left-over rice (though I would have preferred fried rice). As for the lentils, I would go with Sylvie's suggestion of a lentil and veggie stew! Much love - Raquel XO

My Sweet & Saucy said...

These breads look so delicious! I LOVE homemade bread!

Tulip said...

I share your sentiments on wasting food. I love using whats in my cupboards...get a real kick out of make something out of nothing...strange girl...I know! lol
Pizzas looks good, I havent' made pizza for ages, infact if you were do to cook a traditional tomato sauce to top it, you could through the tin of lentils in as well. After it has all been blitz up the kids will never tell they are in there but it makes the sauce healthier and go further!!

Marie said...

I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better Angela. Your bread looks mighty tasty! I am a great leftover user upper! A couple of days ago we had a hash made of some leftover rice and leftover chicken tagine and it was delicious and then today we had bubble and squeak cakes that were also made from leftovers and awesome! (at least that's what my kids would say if they could taste them!)