Saturday, 19 April 2008

Tiny Visitor, hiding at work.

When I was at work on Tuesday one of the teachers that I work with beckoned me into the Janitors office to show me something. She carefully brought down a shoebox, and as she opened it all I could see was a fleecy blanket and some cotton wool. Curiously I moved them aside and saw a bundle of grey and brown fur. At first I was not sure what it was, but then realised it was a tiny baby rabbit, probably days old. It's eyes are still not open and its ears never moved.
She explained that it had been found in the yard at her Dads company when some building work had been done the day before. Workmen had been digging and had burst the burrow and sadly the Mum and siblings had been killed. Now , what would you do?
The men were quite happy to kill the baby, and I can understand why. Vanessa on the other hand is such a gentle caring person and wanted to give the baby a chance.
She contacted a vet, searched the Internet and gathered as much information as she could and the result is a baby who needs fed 10 times a day on puppy milk.
It only takes tiny amounts, but at least it is taking something.
So hopefully it will survive the weekend, but Vanessa has done everything she can for it and has been told by many "experts" that it is amazing that it has lasted for this long already.
The next thing will be if it does survive, what will she do with it- I would not be surprised if it became a house rabbit!


Marie said...

Ohh Angela that is so sweet! How lucky for that wee little life that your friend is so kind and caring! You will have to keep us updated as to his progress!!! He's adorable. I'll pray that he thrives and survives!! Congrats on the new oven by the way! I have missed you in the forum!

Sylvie said...

Angela, that is so cute. I hope the little beggar makes it!