Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Razzle Dazzle Dance rehersal

Today DD2 & 3 have a rehersal for their dance show. They have been working hard for 7 months and the result is 2 performances in a local theatre. The girls enjoy the classes and the teacher is really good with them. They will each do 2 dances and then all the different classes do a finale.
Later today the hairspray will be out along with the make-up and costumes, not to mention the stress and excitement.
I love watching them and really admire the way they remember quite complex and fast sets of movements. I could not keep up with them if I tried. The thing I like most though is the fact that the classes are fun and non competitive. Some of the classes in our area compete at quite a high level, which is fantastic if that's the way you want to dance, but for someone who just wants to have some fun they are not the best place to go.
As an adult I never dance, never, never, never! I did not even have a first dance at my own wedding 16 years ago, ( divorced 3 years later, but that is a whole different story). My Mum says I danced a lot as a child, always making up dances to things on TOTP (top of the pops), at school I loved Scottish Country dancing, but dancing at a disco, party or in public, no way. I do not know what happened to make me feel this way, maybe someone laughed at me, maybe it is because I embarrass easily, who knows. I just know that the old chat up line of "You dancing? " would never work with me as the answer would always be NO!

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Sylvie said...

Angela, I think it's time you turn the music up loud, make sure nobody is around and shake it all about. I'm sure you'll love it and best thing is you can be as silly as you like and nobody will ever know! Good luck to your daughters!