Monday, 14 April 2008

New Life - in the garden!

I have always wanted to grow my own vegetables. I was lucky when I was young as my parents had a huge garden and my Grandad helped take care of it. We grew everything, my favourite things were the tomatoes and the raspberry canes. When you are young you don't really think of all the time and patience it takes to maintain a vegetable plot/garden.
Now as an adult I feel that it is important that my children see me growing my own produce, and last year I grew peas and spring onions. I always have herbs and the girls love touching them and smelling them, but this year I am planning on having potatoes, onions, salad leaves, container carrots, corn and later in the year purple sprouting broccoli.
The potatoes have been chitting and are ready to go in the ground as are the onions. Now all I need is some better weather and the energy after work to plant them.
I have a window propagator and planted the corn and broccoli seeds last week. It is sitting pride of place on DD#3's window sill. She loves looking at them and seeing how much they have grown each day, I hope she will help to care for them and then ultimately enjoy eating them when the cobs are ready.


Marie said...

We have tried hard in vain to grow out own vegetables here at the cottage. I'm afraid that the slugs and rabbits eat them up before we really can enjoy them ourselves. The only one we have had any luck with at all is courgettes, and we all know that is not luck at all. The little buggers grow like gremlins!

nicisme said...

We grow lots of fruit and veggies, it's great to just go out and pick them.
Well done on getting the children involved!

Sylvie said...

I'd love to have a small vegetable patch. I thought about getting a patch on an allotment but I'm not sure if I'd really feel like driving somewhere every day in the summer to look after things.