Monday, 13 July 2009

Bread for sharing

I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner yesterday and thought it would be nice to have some home made garlic bread to mop up the sauce with. Ages ago when I first got my bread machine I trotted off to the library to look for books to inspire me to make lots of bread. One of the first ones I got was The Bread Machine Book by Marjie Lambert, which had a lovely selection of breads from around the world which I was keen to try, however the time came to hand the book back and I had made a few lovely loaves from the book, but not all of the ones I liked the look of.
Over a year later and I pop into a charity shop for a quick sweep of the books and utensils and what was on the shelf? The very same book a bargain at 50p, so this weekend I made the garlic and herb monkey bread and it was delicious.

It is really just a good bread dough with garlic added to it, then cut into little bits which are then dipped in garlic and herb butter and layered up in a dish/tin.
I would make it again as all the family enjoyed mopping up their sauce with it mmmmm delicious!


Manggy said...

Ooh, garlic and butter on bread-- a winning combination! :)

Marie said...

OH Angela! I have never made monkey bread. Yours looks fabulous and I love that you can do it in a bread machine, as I am hopeless at making bread! Thanks so much for sharing!

ionamitchell.x said...

mum that garlic bread wassssss scrummmmy, love you mumyyy xxxxxx

Sage said...

I just spotted your blog on yout Zaar Page and love the look of that monkey bread! I just started this blooging thing and enjoy it. I have 4 sons(adults now) but i have a feeling I lknow what it's like.
Take care

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