Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Cake and Candy

We have a fun day for the children at work at the end of the school year and there is always a cake and candy stall. I am also involved with the local scout troop and they were having their summer fete the next day so I had a bit of baking to get done that would be quick but also a bit different to the usual fairy cakes, crispie cakes and marshmallow top hats.
A local bakers makes a lovely cake which is full of digestive biscuits, marshmallows, cherries, raisins and chocolate chips which is rolled in dessicated coconut, it is delicious, but they charge over £1 for a small slice and I am sorry but I knew I could make something similar far cheaper and here it is, it is called fifteens, and I used chocolate digestives and about 6floz of condensed milk. You need to register to see the recipes, but there are some nice ones on the site which are ideal for cake and candy stalls.

Another thing I make is a malteser slice and one of the teachers always wants this one made so she can take some home as it is one of her favourites

The recipe for this one comes from a lovely book I was given a few years ago called the MUMs Cookbook. Anything I have made from it has been delicious and the book was put together for such a good cause, they have another one out now which I am keen to get hold of too.

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