Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Life gets in the way

I have badly neglected this blog for too long, but sometimes things happen and you have to prioritise the things you devote your time too. Often we can set our targets too high, almost unachievably high, then wonder why we feel disappointed when we can't meet them.
I really do believe it is important to have goals and targets, but you need a mixture of ones you can manage and some which will encourage you to stretch yourself but not leave you feeling deflated.

We are often our own worst enemy, and harshest critic, putting ourselves down and over analysing what we do (or don't do). Life will get in the way sometimes and so it should, but it is how you deal with it that matters.


chris said...

Very true Angela, I hope life is treating you well.

Take care,


Manggy said...

Well, I haven't forgotten you, Angela. No worries here, though I hope you have put all those health problems in the past.

Marie said...

Hi Angela, Don't know how I missed this post, but I did. Life just gets in the way sometimes. I think we all have our moments, and then we have our moments . . . if you know what I mean. The truly important things are the constants in our lives . . . family, love, faith, friends. Not much else is all that important in the scheme of things!! xxoo