Thursday, 10 July 2008

Market Stall Bargains

When I lived in the north west of England there was a market on somewhere each day of the week. I loved it and with 2 young children to feed on benefits I had to make the most of the little we had and markets were great for getting fruit and veg at a low price.

Where I live now there was no such thing as a market till a few years ago when a nearby town held one each Thursday. There were loads of stalls with everything you could imagine, but sadly over the years the stalls have dwindled to around 20.

I don't often get the chance to go, but when I am off work I like to get some bargains and today was no exception.

I spent £7 at a fruit and veg stall and got 7lb of steak mince for £10 ( which I vacuum packed and stuck in the freezer).

As I am trying to have a healthy diet I made a curry using some mushrooms, potatoes, spinach and fresh tomato. My base was slow cooked onions, garlic and ginger, cooked in a small amount of stock - as per slimming world hints and tips!
I added some tomato puree, spices and a tin of tomatoes along with the veg - not the fresh toms and spinach as they would be added nearer the end.
I like the swiss boullion stock and added some to the pan, but as it is a bit salty I did not add any more salt. I left it bubbling away till the potatoes were tender, popped in the spinach and tomato and left for a few minutes.

I made a couple of roti to go with it thanks to you tube!

Although this was a bit of an experiment it was ok, and there is some left for tomorrows lunch. As you get to know ingredients it lets you be a bit more adventurous, so never feel bound by the constraints of a recipe, after all it's not written in stone.


Manggy said...

Woah, roti! That's quite impressive! (You beat me to it, heh-- it's one of my goals :P ) Nice meal!

Marie said...

Great looking and sounding Curry Angela, and those Roti . . . WOW, I am impressed! What a load of bargains you managed to pick up today. I am hoping to get to our farmers market next Friday. They only have it every second Friday and normally I am working!

Raquel said...

Lovely bargains! We have a farmer's market and I go every Saturday morning if possible. We eat much as much fresh as possible and I freeze the rest, or can it. I am wanting to try some roti, I have only ever made naan. Have a lovely day! Much love - Raquel XO

Jan said...

I, too, miss the open markets in England, so much more interesting than boring old supermarkets.

The farmer's markets here are great for fresh veg but they don't have the variety of stalls you get on English markets.

Impressive looking roti, curry sounds good, too

Raquel said...

Angela: I have given you an award, you will have to visit my blog to check it out! Love ya Girlfriend! Raquel XO

Sue said...

I wrote about the markets on my blog today before heading over here and reading yours.
The veggies look great Angela. I so miss the London markets.

chris said...

HI there Angela, its my first visit here but it wont be my last. You really got some bargains at the market, I miss the markets in England, the curry look yummy. Its good to chat with the people who work there too. Hope you have a good day.

Tulip said...

Loving your blog Angela. Nip over to mine and take a have been tagged!