Saturday, 14 June 2008

Past times


I had the pleasure of another school trip yesterday. We went back to Dunfermline but visited  2 places I have always intended on going to but just never had found the time. We took  the train as it is only a few stops away from school and the children were fantastic.

First stop was abbot house where we had the most wonderful guide to take us round, but the first and most exciting thing for the children was getting to dress up. We had a King and Queen, a soldier, various street sellers, pennant holders and some monks.

We then took a tour of the house, abbey and graveyard. It was wonderful and the guide had some wonderful stories to tell, he really gave you a feel for how it would have been to live in Dunfermline in the time of St Margaret.PICT0025                                                                                              

At the top of the abbey you can see the words King Robert The Bruce around the tower, the stonework is beautiful, and some of the letters have been recently restored.

The children had a procession back to the house chanting

   "Make way for the King and Queen"

The actual house is like a tardis and there are 14 rooms for you to explore. It was while in the room where a whole family would have lived that the children were told how cramped conditions were.

The next stop was the Glen for a quick picnic then off to see Andrew Carnegie's birthplace.

The cottage is beautiful and the children got a flavour of how life would have been when he was a young boy living in Dunfermline.

PICT0072 PICT0084 Life would have been hard, but I am sure people were happier. When you see how much we waste today, and how many things we have that we don't really need, it makes you think that sometimes we should look to the past if we want to protect our future.

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Raquel said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely day out! I agree that we need to "get back to our roots" and simplify our lives. I would rather read a book or sew than watch TV. I work on the computer, so that is an essential, but I am hardly on during the weekends! Hope you are doing well.

Much love - Raquel